How it Works

How it works

The three-day emergency parcels are made up of nutritionally balanced, tinned and dried food – some of which has been donated by the local community.

Fresh milk, bread, eggs, cheese, meats and some other items are purchased by the Foodbank, using donated funds, and added into every food parcel.

Who runs the Foodbank?

The Foodbank is run by a team of trustees and volunteers.

It is based at St Peter’s Church, 1 Parsonage Road, Galashiels.

Activity Levels

In March 2020 we experienced a surge in demand so that we were giving out about 200 bags of food per week. This has settled down recently to around 100 bags per week. The proportion of children supported has increased from under 10% to around 25%.

It costs up to £5,000 per month to buy all the food items required. In addition we have minor overheads such as food storage facilities and general running costs.

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